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Sabi Chef On the Culinary Road: Searching for Nigeria's Street Food Stars

At Sabi Chef, our passion for celebrating the creativity and flavors of Nigerian street food knows no bounds. Our team of dedicated experts is embarking on a thrilling culinary expedition, crisscrossing the vibrant landscapes of lagos in search of the most talented and innovative street food vendors. 

The Excitement Builds as Sabi Chef Mobile Kitchen Arrives in different locations in Lagos.

Join us on this flavor-packed journey as we explore the bustling streets of

Keep an eye on our journey as we traverse this city, meet extraordinary chefs, and prepare for the grand finale where one talented street chef will be crowned the ‘Sabi Chef’ of the year. 

Sabi Chef (Lagos Island)

Sabi Chef (Yaba)

Sabi Chef (Ogba)

Sabi Chef (Ikorodu)

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