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Our mission is both simple and compelling: we curate and compile news stories that are deserving of being spread far and wide. In an era of information overload, we strive to be a beacon of reliability, offering well-researched, diverse, and engaging content that enriches the lives of our readers.

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Sabi Chef

With its maiden edition taking place in Lagos Nigeria, Sabi Chef will subsequently be held in other major cities across the country, as it continually gives contestants the opportunity to showcase their skills, creativity, and resourcefulness. This, as is the aim of the show, is to promote inclusiveness and to foster unity.

With an elimination exercise that will narrow the contestants to the last 10 contestants, the competition will culminate in a thrilling grand finale, where the ultimate champion will be crowned as that year’s ‘Sabi Chef.’

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Our Target Audience

Our Primary Target Audience


Vendors who operate small-scale street food businesses

Sells variety of delicious and unique dishes to their customers

Aspiring street food vendors who are looking to enter the industry and showcase their culinary skills

Passionate home cooks

Our Secondary Target Audience


Food enthusiasts who enjoy street food

They are passionate about food and love to explore new and exciting culinary experiences.

They appreciate the creativity and resourcefulness that goes into creating delicious food dishes.

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Food Judges







Renowned Chefs

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